Tuesday October 27, 2009

Meeting Announcement

The Music Boosters will be meeting on Wednesday 10/28, 7:30p.m., in room 113 of the High School. The meeting is open to all who foster and encourage student development in the musical arts. It is not necessary to be a member of the Independence Music Boosters. The Boosters meeting offers attendees the opportunity to express new ideas, discuss the program and provide input on future happenings.

Meeting Agenda

If you cannot attend, please consider volunteering to help with the Holiday Fest (11/7), or the Beach Blast (1/9). Contact Volunteer Coordinator - Margaret Bierman.

Please VISIT the BOOSTERS WEBSITE indyboosters.com for detailed information on the items mentioned here, as well as news and events that the Boosters are involved in. The complete calendar of music related events and Booster activities is featured on the site.

Dates to Remember:

Finding Your Form

Music Booster Membership Forms are available on the website: Click Here

The Ambassadors

In order to assist you with any questions you may have about any events that occur throughout the year, the following members are available to answer questions: Elizabeth Jaszczak  573-0500, Marcia Abbadini, 447-8393, Cathy & Don Krolikowski 524-8260, Patti Gabb, 328-1682, Eileen MacDowell, 524-5995 Teresa Stawicki, 573-9903,Julie Scotton, 904-0864  Terri Kula, 573-4962, Judy & Bob Ciulla 524-9086.

Running The Show

2009-10 Music Boosters Officers
Membership - Terri Kula, President - Elizabeth Jaszczak , Vice President - Marcia Abbadini, Secretary Cathy Krolikowski, Treasurer - Teresa Stawicki, Ways & Means - Julie Scotton, Volunteer Coordinator - Margaret Bierman.

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