Wednesday July 7, 2010

To foster and encourage student development in the musical arts.

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Next Boosters Meeting is at Mavis Winkles
on July 21st, at 6:30 p.m.

Hot Dog/Burger Booth

Thanks Guys!
The July 2nd fundraiser held at Elmwood Park during the fireworks was a huge success. We would like to thank Discount Drug Mart for providing the food at cost in addition to a generous donation and Mavis Winkles for their food preparation services. Both of these businesses contributed to our success.

A BIG thank you, also, to our student and adult helpers:
Abbadini, Baran, Bellino, Cooper, Halamek, Hawkins, Jares, Keffer, Klindworth, Krolikowski, Linscott, MacDowell, Matejka, Narduzzi, Niepokny, Polak, Popek, Sarley, Scotton, Sia, Stanley.

We couldn't have done it without you!

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Concert in the Park - Thursday, July 15

The Music Boosters will be hosting refreshments during the last Concert in the Park featuring the Wayne Tomsic Band from 7:00-8:30 pm. Setup begins after 6:00. If you can help staff the event or bake, please contact Elizabeth Jaszczak 216-573-0600.

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Marching Band Camp Home/Away

Camp Burton 2009

The start of an exciting marching season begins on Monday, July 19.

During the first week of camp students are fitted for their uniforms.

HELP NEEDED: Parents to help with uniform fittings from 8:30 - 11:30 during this week. We will also be in need of help to alter or repair jackets and/or pants before Picture Day on August 2. To help please contact Marcia Abbadini 216-447-8393.

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Your Kids Have Home Days Raffle Tickets

Ask Them!

Home Days raffle tickets have been distributed to all Vocal and Band members as of June 4.

Check your student's book bag. Each student has received 4 books and tickets can be purchased at the cost of $1 a ticket or 6 tickets for $5.00.

Please read Mr. Schatt's enclosed memo. If you need more tickets, please email
Sales of these books will help defray the cost of your student's Florida trip.

Home Days Booths

All 150 Music Department students and their parents are needed to staff the various booths during Home Days on August 6 and 7.

All Marching Band students must sign up during band camp with their squads for a time slot to work the Pop Booth. Students only in the Vocal Department will be called to staff the Shaved Ice/Walking Taco Booth. The Music Boosters will be seeking all Music Department students and parents to sell wrist bands at the ride booths. What's in it for everyone? Your help will defray your Florida trip costs.

To sign up please call Julie Scotton
(H) 216- 642-8721
(C) 216-904-0864

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IHS Bands Email List

Want to get the latest information from the IHS Music Department in your Inbox? Follow the link below to the Independence High School Band website. Sign up on the left side of the page! Sign up

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Uniform Fundraising Efforts

In June of 2010 Mr. Schatt gave to all IHS Band Students an envelope containing a letter with 3 Uniform Campaign Pamphlets enclosed.

The Music Department and Music Boosters are conducting a grassroots effort for the final stages of our project and we hope that you will distribute these brochures to friends, family, businesses or supporters of music education.

If you would like to send a brochure electronically or print more to distribute, it is available in PDF format at

Your support and efforts to make this campaign successful will be appreciated now and for years to come.

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New Uniform Update

In May of 2010 all students in the Marching Band program for 2010-2011 were measured for new uniforms. The current uniform, circa 1991, has seen better days. With regard to the uniform pants, students reported that their zippers were stapled in, could not even be used, and the waistlines were held together with pins and staples.

Though it is not a customary practice when ordering all-new uniforms, it was thought that at this time the band was in dire need of new uniform pants and through our initial fundraising efforts the Music Boosters were able to help with this purchase. This expense covers only 1/5th of the complete uniform fundraising goal of just over $50,000. While we will not see a "new uniform" in its entirety for the upcoming marching season, we will have the new uniform pants this season.

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Next Music Booster Meeting

July 21 at 6:30 at Mavis Winkles.

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