The Music Boosters will be meeting for the new school year on Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30 pm at the Civic Center. (Agenda)

Discussion Topis

  • Home and Away Band Camp
  • Volunteers for Uniform Fittings the week of Home Band Camp
  • Chaperons for buses to and from Camp Burton
  • Adult female Cabin Chaperons
  • Volunteers to Bake desserts for Camp Burton Parent Night
  • Group Marching Band photos by professional photographer
  • Photo Buttons provided by Music Boosters

In addition we will begin planning a fall fundraiser which will provide for uniforms and operating expenses.


July 11 - Music Boosters Meeting at CIVIC CENTER, 6:30pm
July 23 - Home band camp, 8:30am
July 23 - Co-curricular fee of $65 payable to IHS due
July 25 - All sold and unsold Homedays raffle tickets due.
July 29 - Away Band Camp, Depart 1:30pm
August 1 - Parents visit Camp Burton (Bring Dinner for campers)
August 3 - $100 Florida trip deposit is due
August 3 - Vocal Ensemble to sing National Anthem at Gazebo
August 3 - Homedays Parents & Students 2hrs required
August 4 - Homedays parade 10:30am
August 6 - Marching Band Picture 10:30am
August 15 - True Blue Night, 7:pm

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