Music Boosters Update, 4/7/2014
Board Member Nominations Needed for Next Year:
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Music Booster's Officer Nominations

2014-15 Positions must be filled by May 1, 2014

These positions are open due to graduation, or volunteers seeking to "pass the baton" to newer parents within the organization while they remain available to offer insight, information and guidance to new appointees.

Now is the time to become a part of the action and continue the success the Music Boosters have enjoyed for many years. President, Vice President, Secretary and Ways & Means are positions which must be filled. Duties are outlined below.

Duties of the President

Duties include:

  • Creation of meeting calendar for school year/obtain building permit
  • Obtain building permit for January Pasta Dinner fundraiser
  • Create all meeting agendas
  • Conduct monthly meetings
  • Communicate with Music Department directors
  • Arrange volunteer help as needed for department directors
  • Prepare informational letter to parents for May/June distribution
  • Prepare end-of-year report in May highlighting Booster activities
  • Review budget with Treasurer and create Operating Budget for the next school year
  • Communicate with webmaster to send out or post any communications for the group

Duties of the Vice President

Duties include:

  • Conduct monthly meetings in absence of President
  • Assist the President and help run the organization as needed

Duties of the Secretary

Duties include:

  • Review monthly agendas created by President and distribute to the membership prior to monthly meetings
  • Take notes during monthly meetings
  • Transcribe notes of monthly meetings to create monthly meeting minutes
  • Send draft of meeting minutes to the President to review for accuracy
  • Send out reviewed minutes to membership before the next monthly meeting for approval at meeting
  • Assist President and Vice President as needed

Duties of the Ways and Means Chairperson

Duties include:

  • Seek ways to fund raise for the organization
  • Seek committee chairpersons for standing committees and chairpersons to run yearly fundraisers
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to obtain volunteers for all fundraisers

If you are interested or need more information, please call Marcia at 216-392-8339 or email at

Enrichment is part of the Music Booster's Mission

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Music Booster Meeting Schedule 2013-14

Wed Apr 9   6:30pm  IHS Media Center
Thu May 1   6:30pm  IHS Media Center

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