Music Boosters Forms -- 1/22/2018

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Membership Tiered Suport Levels 2017-18 (Posted 8/16/2017)
Florida Trip 2015 (Posted 4/24/2014)
OMEA 2014 (Posted 11/19/2013)
Music Booster Bylaws (Posted 10/22/2013)
IRS Exemption Status Charitable Organization (Posted 9/16/2013)
Form 990-N Tax Year Ending 2013 (Posted 7/10/2013)
Music Boosters Informational Letter for 2013-14 (Posted 6/6/2013)
Music Boosters Monthly Event Highlights 2012-13 (Posted 6/5/2013)
Emergency Medical Form 2013 Florida Trip (Posted 3/14/2013)
Tailgate Dinner 2012 (Posted 9/10/2012)
Uniform Fund Balance August 2012 (Posted 8/10/2012)
Volunteer Form (Posted 8/10/2012)
Musical Enrichment Grant Application (Posted 11/14/2011)
Music Boosters Volunteer Survey Form (not dated) (Posted 7/15/2011)
Uniform Cleaning Instructions (Stanbury) (Posted 6/6/2011)
Sales Tax and Use Blanket Exemption Certificate (Posted 2/16/2011)
Fall Fest Event Information (Posted 8/20/2010)
Refreshment Crew Home Football Games (Posted 8/4/2010)
Fall Fest 2009 shift schedule (Posted 8/4/2010)
Fall Fest Adult Request (Posted 8/4/2010)
Madrigal DINNER Volunteer Schedule 2009 (Posted 8/4/2010)
Madrigal DINNER Volunteer thankyou (Posted 8/4/2010)
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser News Article (Posted 8/4/2010)
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser-volunteer (Posted 8/4/2010)
US Army Band volunteer instructions (Posted 8/4/2010)
Winter Music Concert Volunteers (Posted 8/4/2010)
US Army Band volunteer signup (Posted 8/4/2010)
Expense Reimbursement Form (incl. original doc) (Posted 7/23/2010)
Form 990-N E-filing Receipt - IRS Status: Accepted (Posted 5/17/2010)
Madrigal Dinner Volunteer Scheduling Template (incl. original doc) (Posted 2/1/2010)
City Of Independence Bus Waiver (Posted 9/15/2009)
Hospitality Committee Duties (Posted 9/15/2009)
Booster Shirt Order Form (Posted 9/15/2009)
Music Boosters Logo (Posted 9/15/2009)
Marching Band Uniforms (Posted 9/15/2009)

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Blue Devil Artwork

IHS band Trancemitter, took 3rd place in the Tri-C High School Rock off at the House of Blues on 2/6/2010. Pictured left to right: Skylar, Austin, Nikki, Zach Hutnyan and Mike.